A 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural, Effective Skincare And Self-Care Lovers

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We bring you the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Clean Skincare and Selfcare Lovers

Braving the cold weather, spending late nights at holiday parties, and indulging in rich meals with friends and family all have the potential to wreak havoc on your skin and leave you feeling more no-no-no than ho-ho-ho. And while the flurry of festivities may have you feeling less than merry, let’s all agree that the holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year!

When it comes to the perfect holiday present, nothing can beat the gift of a glowing complexion. Unlike most presents, it’s something to flaunt every single day of the year. So how can you give a loved one the present of complexion perfection?

With the best skincare and self-care gifts, of course!

After a full year of R&D, product testing and comparisons, our Beauty and Self-Care Experts have curated the ultimate Holiday Self-Care and Skincare Gift Guide to wind-down 2022 and get refreshed and ready for 2023!

1. BEST FOR HOLIDAY TRAVEL: Honey & CoCo Skincare Travel Essentials Bundle


    No matter how extraordinary the destination or experienced the traveler is, packing strategically for trips is rarely easy. So why not help the jetsetting women you know simplify the tedious task by giving them the gift of beauty and wellness with this Honey & CoCo travel bundle?

    Sized to carry-on and ready to pack, this bundle will help your skin look gorgeous wherever your travels go:

    • Purify Gentle Facial Cleanser (sample size)
    • Balance Honey & Orange Blossom Toner (Sample size)
    • Revive Facial Vitamin E & Honey Day Cream
    • Soothe Lip Balm

    Why We Love It: It’s an entire skincare routine that goes everywhere we do! Just simply the essentials. We would have liked a face scrub too, but we’ll live without it!

    2. BEST FOR RADIANT HAIR: F. Miller Essential Hair Duo


    This gift set is ideal for that hair-care-obsessed on your list and perfect for all hair types. You can use the Grande Clip in tandem with F.Miller restorative Hair Oil for a deep conditioning treatment that nourishes and repairs.

    F.Miller Hair Oil is a restorative blend of stimulating botanicals designed to protect, hydrate and nourish hair and the skin beneath it. Formulated to improve shine, softness and resilience while delivering conditioning nutrients deep into the hair follicle. A concentrated repair serum ideal for all hair types and areas: use as a soothing scalp treatment, a softening oil for beard and body hair, and a strengthening growth serum for eyebrows.

    Why We Love It: It brings dull “Winter Hair” back to life! A day after treatment, our hair looked radiant, and ready to be perfectly styled without feeling heavy or oily!

    3. BEST FOR COZY NIGHTS: Holly-Days Candle Bundle from Milk Jar


    We all know a serious candle connoisseur—you know, the friend with an entire closet dedicated to their collection. For these individuals, it's no surprise that the easiest (and perhaps most obvious) route is a scented candle or something that enjoys the ones they already have.

    This Milk Jar Holiday Bundle includes:

    • 1 x Holly 10 oz Candle - Cranberry, Clove & Pine
    • 1 x Pattie 10 oz Candle - Vanilla & Peppermint
    • 1 x Doug 10 oz Candle - Balsam Fir & Pine

    Why We Love It: Ultimate coziness while having a glass of wine and watching our favourite Hallmark Christmas movies!

    4. BEST FOR HOLIDAY NAILS: B Kind Nail Polish Set



    The majority of nail polishes on the market contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to health. B-Kind products are completely safe for the environment, plant-based, and made from natural ingredients.

    This nail polish collection contains the 5 colors of the BKIND color scheme: Bon, Karma, Ingrédients, Naturels, Durables. Their vegan, 21-FREE, 77% plant-based and professional grade formula provides an easy application and a perfect long-lasting, luminous finish.

    Why We Love It: It’s challenging to find non-toxic nail polish, but B-Kind has outdone themselves. This set has the perfect combination of colors for all year round!

    5. BEST FOR HOLIDAY KISSES: Honey & CoCo Lip Combo


    If we can only choose one trend in 2022, we’ll choose lip-care obsession all the way. Honey & CoCo has worked with medical experts, aromatherapists and clinical herbalists to identify time-tested, healing, rejuvenating, premium botanicals to blend with 100% pure, sustainably harvested, bioactive Sarrasin Honey.

    This Honey & CoCo kit for intense hydration includes a Cruelty-Free & All-Natural Lip Scrub, REFRESH, H&CC Granulated Sarrasin Honey + Coconut Oil lip scrub and lip exfoliator that is perfect to remove lipstick, buff, polish, and refresh your lips.

    With the perfect compliment, Soothe. A lip balm ideal for keeping your lips soft, fresh and full of life. A deeply hydrating lip balm made with calendula, beeswax, and honey pears. Use it throughout the day as part of your lip care routine, as it’s a perfect natural lip moisturizer to relieve dry, chapped lips.

    Why We Love It: The scrub has only 3 ingredients - it’s sweet, but doesn’t taste artificial. Following up with the lip balm left our lips feeling beautifully soft and silky…



    Whether you're shopping for a family member or eco-conscious friend living a zero-waste lifestyle, it's always important to consider the environmental impact of the gifts we give.

    This Lovefresh Natural Shampoo Bar is made with only essential oils. Cleanses gently without stripping. Perfect for all hair types!

    Why We Love It: Natural, Biodegradable, Septic Safe, Water Way Safe, Vegan, Gluten Free, Plastic free… and it’s great to travel with!




    Ilia Beauty knows that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic bad. Clean beauty is where those two collide—with conscious, carefully-selected ingredients, and no compromises.

    The makings of myriad eye looks in one ready-to-gift package. The limited edition Eye Set comes in two finishes: mascara, liquid liner, and cream-to-powder eyeshadow. 

    The Eye Set includes:

    • Full-Size Limitless Lash Mascara in After Midnight: Soft black, clean mascara for lashes with no limits. Safe for sensitive eyes. 
    • Full-Size Clean Line Liquid Liner in Midnight Express: classic black, clean liner that lasts with a flexible precision tip. Carbon black-free. 
    • Mini Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint in Mythic: Rose gold, glides like a cream, dries like a powder. Clean metallic color that stays all day.
    • Mini Liquid Powder Matte Eye Tint in Adobe: Warm sand. Eyeshadow is made easy, in a matte finish that pops. Sets quickly for smudge-resistant wear.

    Why We Love It: This set has everything you need, it provides you with the essentials to start a clean and simple makeup collection for a very affordable price.

    8. Ultimate Sóak Bundle - Soak


    Holiday season can be very stressful, and with this Ultimate Sóak Bundle you'll sleep like a baby and come out of the bath feeling as smooth as one! Our Magnesium Flakes and Epsom Salts are the Ultimate relaxation combo for sore achy muscles and the Coco Cream Sóak takes your experience to the next level with both it's scent and luxurious silky hydration.

    The Ultimate Sóak Bundle includes:

    • Coco Cream Sóak Mór: Vegan coconut milk bath. Safe for those with an allergy to oats and completely gluten free! This formula gently cleanses baby's skin and enhances their natural baby softness without stripping the natural oils.    
    • Flaky: unscented Magnesium Bath Flake Sóak.
    • Salty: Epsom Salt and Himalayan Pink salt Sóak

    Why We Love It: It brings the Spa Experience home! The Magnesium soak was also perfect for sore muscles left from running around the mall looking for gifts!

    9. BEST FOR PERFUMES: The Discovery Set - Wild Coast Perfumery


    Perfume is self-care too - wear natural. The calming and uplifting effect that comes from natural essences stems from our primal instincts. All Wild Coast Perfumes do not contain synthetics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, or phthalates.

    This Discovery Set is perfect for a gift, the person that you gift it to can experience each natural fragrance on their own skin and decide which ones best suit their unique body chemistry, so you can’t go wrong!

    Why We Love It: Because we’re in control - a hint of Stoker here with a bit of Whistler there perfectly combined to give us a fresh, energizing, natural scent before leaving for a night in with friends. Best of all, it wasn’t overpowering like some other products out there!

    10. BEST ESSENTIAL OILS: Holiday Vitruvi Essential Oil Kit


    Traditional home scenting products use toxic ingredients to mask odor. Vitruvi believes that scenting your home should be natural, effortless, and beautiful.

    A bundle of 4 essential oil blends perfect for the holiday season. Featuring cozy Slow Dance, spicy Nightcap, warm Dusk, and cheerful Golden, these are the scents of merriment and togetherness.

    Why We Love it: These blends take all the thinking out of having the perfect scent for any occasion… or no occasion at all! 

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