Sun Safe Skincare Tips: Why You Should Moisturize First Before Applying Sunscreen

Posted by Amanda Ehlers on

Great moisturizers are made to penetrate your skin and to add moisture that isn’t already there. An SPF on the other hand, is meant to sit on top of your skin and to act as a defense between your face and the sun. 

SPFs are not generally meant to be absorbed or to penetrate the skin for many reasons. But even though some of them are, they are not meant to both moisturize and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Expert dermatologists recommend using both, but separately. 

Research has shown that people who opt for facial moisturizers containing SPF aren’t getting the same protection from the sun’s harmful rays as they would when using a traditional sunscreen. When a moisturizer contains an SPF, people usually only apply enough to get partial protection. For example, if someone applies a moisturizer rated SPF 30, they usually only apply enough to get the effect of an SPF 15 or lower. And without reapplying the product after 3-4 hours, the product typically loses its ability to protect from harmful UV rays.

They recommend applying a best-in-class moisturizer first, followed by a best-in-class, face-friendly sunscreen. It’s further recommended that the sunscreen be applied every 3-4 hours, or 15-20 minutes before sun exposure, and should be rated SPF 30 or higher for maximum protection.

REVIVE is a “Best In Class” moisturizer. Its blend of premium botanicals and essential oils penetrate, nourish and hydrate the skin. Ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A (retinol), Calendula, Rosehip and Evening Primrose oils get absorbed quickly by shoring lipids in the skin’s cellular walls, giving the skin a smooth and youthful appearance.  Sarrasin Honey and other ingredients provide skin cells with great dose of antioxidants to repair and regenerate cells, adding further longevity and life to your skin. 

Designed to provide all day hydration to your skin, it is specially formulated to draw moisture into the skin, lighten and brighten your face, and to absorb quickly so that you can then apply makeup or sunscreen right on top.

To keep your skin youthful looking, healthy and vibrant, look for skincare products with naturally derived, high quality, clean ingredients!

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